The Role of Nationalist leaders in the Emergence of National Architectural Movements in Iran, 1924 to 1942


Assistant Professor of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran


Political evolutions and struggles of 19th century prepared the ground for realization of nationalities and emergence of nationalist movements. The realization of national identity in countries such as Iran, turkey and Egypt was partly due to the emphasis of governments on glorious history or ancient modernity of these nations.
Emergence of nationalism in any country is affected by political, social and religious factors during the history of that country. In Iranian contemporary history also this process is dependent upon opinions and thoughts of a number of nationalism modernists and intellectuals. Their intellectual products of this group played a significant role in emergence of nationalistic grounds in various social intellectual and even artistic areas. This paper tries to study the thoughts and opinions of Iranian intellectuals played roles in formulating principles in the field of nationalism which had influenced the emergence of national architectural movements in various intellectual social and even artistic fields. Then classification of nationalistic architectural tendencies that affected by nationalist intellectual approaches is addressed and it is followed by explaining the characteristic of nationalistic tendencies and some sample of the works of that period are presented.


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