The Effect Of Form & Morphology Criteria On The Enhancement Of Sense Of Invitation In Entrance Landscape (Case Study: Bazaar of Qazvin)


1 M.S. Student of Urban Design, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran


The form and morphology criteria are among  effective components in enhancement and improvement of urban environments and one of the features of successful urban spaces, is the way these criteria are arranged alongside each other especially at the visual landscape of an entrance space, because entrance of every place is the first and most important communication ring between the person and the space. Therefore the expectation from the entrance of an urban space is that it be capable of 'inviting' persons and this capability is manifested when  the person is attracted towards it. In fact creation and enhancement of “Sense of invitation” in the entrance of an urban space cause continuation and sustainability of persons presence in the place and creating a right relationship and establishment of the expected interactions with the urban space. Presence of persons in the urban space, entails the sense of place and sense of belonging towards the space, so it is expected that the form and morphology sub – criteria because of being objective and due to their visual effects are influential in enhancement of sense of invitation of an entrance.
In this research the historical region of Bazaar of Qazvin, located in the central and historical texture of this city, has been chosen which is among the urban spaces requiring effective and frequent presence of people. The main purpose of this research is measurement of the effectiveness of morphology criterion on enhancement of the sense of invitation in the region of Masjed-e nabi  mosque forecourt to the Bazaar of Qazvin forecourt. The basic assumption of this research is that the form and morphology criteria have major and effective role in enhancement of sense of invitation of the entrance landscape. The research method used in this study has the explanatory nature and due to the implemented approach is functional. It has been accomplished through field and visual studies of the mosque forecourt to the Bazaar forecourt region and at the end this result is attained that form and morphology component sub- criteria have significant effect upon enhancement of the sense of invitation of entrance spaces compared with other criteria.


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